Upcoming Job Fair



Are you in search of a rewarding career? GandyDancer is a leading General Contractor expanding throughout the Southwest. GandyDancer has abundant job opportunities and is hosting a Job Fair to fuel the growth in our Railroad, Utility and Heavy Civil Construction. It’s better to have a good job before you need one!

Name of Event: GandyDancer Job Fair

Date: Saturday, August 12, 2017

Time: 8:00am – 4:00pm

Location: 5801 Bobby Foster Rd.,
Albuquerque, NM 87105


Carrie Tingley Support


We always have a blast supporting Carrie Tingley Hospital by participating in the Mudd Volleyball Tournament and have done so for the last 6 years! It is a wonderful cause and we are proud to be sponsors!

           “We love Mudd Volleyball because it is ALL ABOUT THE KIDS!”


“Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps New Mexico families and children reach their full potential. The organization supports the University of New Mexico Carrie Tingley Hospital, but also funds several services and programs that assist individual families and children. Read more

The Making of The Lone Ranger

The train department of “The Lone Ranger” was coordinated first by Jim Clark, who brought years of traditional knowledge to the task, and then by Jason Lamb and assistant train coordinator Luke Johnson, with their contemporary engineering and logistics knowledge. The building of the two 250-ton trains, and the tracks on which they rolled, was a remarkable collaboration between several of the film’s departments and a major engineering feat by any standard.

Originally, the production planned to utilize existing track in a different part of New Mexico. Explains Hayslip, “They had already started construction on Colby down in the southern part of the state, which was chosen because there was already some railroad track there that could be used. But upon scouting it, we found that we would have to upgrade that track in order to travel up to 30 miles per hour on it, as well as build extra track and share it with the mining company that owns it. We immediately shifted gears and started the process of building our own track and trains.”

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Carrie Tingley Support

Mud Volleyball 2015In Support of Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation, GandyDancer has participated in Albuquerque, New Mexico’s Mudd Volleyball Tournament for the last 5 years.

The event, just last year raised over $500,000! All to help over 15,000 families throughout New Mexico. The Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation is a local nonprofit that helps children with physical disabilities throughout New Mexico. The Foundation helps families with funding for critical items such as wheelchair ramps, van conversions, durable medical or therapeutic medical equipment not covered by insurance, emergency rent and utility assistance.

We love Mudd Volleyball because it is ALL ABOUT THE KIDS!

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GandyDancer to Open Transloading Facility

GandyDancer is laying down the tracks for another facility called New Mexico Transloading.

It will transfer bulk and construction materials from trucks to trains or vice-versa.

The expansion will not only create 200 jobs, but it’ll provide Albuquerque businesses an alternative to transporting goods.

“We get calls regularly because we are a railroad contractor for people wanting to transload, and there’s a need for it in our state, there is a need for it in the city of Albuquerque, and we are going to fill that void,” said Jamin Hutchens, CEO of GandyDancer.

The project expects to take several years.

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Gandydancer Teams Up With BNSF and Progress Rail to Install a New Main Line Switch for the Museum of the American Railroad

When the Museum of the American Railroad moved from Fair Park, TX to Frisco, TX the temporary connection to the BNSF main line was removed. We teamed up with BNSF and Progress Rail to build a permanent switch to the museum’s new home. Progress supplied the switch at cost, we installed it free of charge and BNSF undertook the final “tie-in” to their main line.

It was a fun project and Gandydancer is honored to support the excellent work the Museum of the American Railroad do in preserving our railroad heritage for the nation.

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