Carrie Tingley Support


We always have a blast supporting Carrie Tingley Hospital by participating in the Mudd Volleyball Tournament and have done so for the last 6 years! It is a wonderful cause and we are proud to be sponsors!

           “We love Mudd Volleyball because it is ALL ABOUT THE KIDS!”


“Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps New Mexico families and children reach their full potential. The organization supports the University of New Mexico Carrie Tingley Hospital, but also funds several services and programs that assist individual families and children.

In 1963 Friends of the Carrie Tingley Hospital founded the Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation. For 53 years The
Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation has provided monetary and volunteer support to the University of New Mexico Carrie Tingley Hospital, New Mexico’s only pediatric rehabilitative hospital. Each year, UNM Carrie Tingley Hospital serves thousands of children with various illnesses and disabling conditions.”

(“Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation”, 2015) Retrived from

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