GandyDancer is a premier railroad contractor providing a range of services to the BNSF Railway Co. and other Class 1 Railroad companies. We have maintained a General Services contract with BNSF Railway Co. and a Transportation contract with BNSF Logistics for over 15 years.



The diversity and range of services GandyDancer has to offer is what makes us so unique to the railroad industry.


  • 24/7 Emergency Response & Derailment Services
  • New Track Construction
  • Track Removal & Rehab Track
  • Inspection & Maintenance
  • Railroad Crossing Installation & Removal
  • Turn-Out & Track Panel Installations
  • Off-Track Undercutting
  • Traction & Wheel/Axle Replacements
  • Rail, Tie & Surfacing Gang Support
  • Coordinate & Perform Gang Mobilizations
  • Shifted Load & Open-Top Load Adjustments
  • Pilot Car Service
  • Equipment & Material Transportation
  • Transportation of Transloaded & Reloaded Materials
  • Maintenance of Way
  • ROW Vegetation Control
  • Bridges & Structures Construction and Repair
  • Field Welding
  • Secured Warehouse Storage

Specialized Rail Equipment


  • High Rail Vac Trucks
  • D8 Side Booms
  • 25 Ton Knuckle Boom Trucks
  • Grapple Trucks

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