GandyDancer's Industry Track Division provides a full array of services for the needs of businesses utilizing privately owned track. We have constructed and rehabilitated well over 500 combined miles of railway track in our career.
Our track construction has even served the movie industry, where we constructed track for the sets of Into The West, Terminator, and The Lone Ranger.
GandyDancer has also participated in the construction and maintenance of the track for the Rail Runner, New Mexico’s commuter train.


  • 24/7 Emergency Response & Derailment Services
  • Formal/Professional Consulting & Engineering Capabilities
  • New Track Construction
  • Track Removal & Rehab Track
  • Inspection & Maintenance
  • Railroad Crossing Installation & Removal
  • Turn-Out & Track Panel Installations
  • Off-Track Undercutting
  • Traction & Wheel/Axle Replacements
  • Rail, Tie & Surfacing Gang Support
  • Coordinate & Perform Gang Mobilizations
  • Shifted Load & Open-Top Load Adjustments
  • Pilot Car Service
  • Equipment & Material Transportation
  • Transportation of Transloaded & Reloaded Materials
  • Maintenance of Way
  • ROW Vegetation Control
  • Bridges & Structures Construction and Repair
  • Field Welding
  • Secured Warehouse Storage
  • Track Material Sales
  • Scrap Rail and OTM Purchase & Pickup
  • Rail & OTM Material Storing
  • Unloading Facilities
  • Bonding and Grounding


Specialized Rail Equipment

  • High Rail Vac Trucks
  • D8 Side Booms
  • 25 Ton Knuckle Boom Trucks
  • Grapple Trucks

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